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As the first choice for professional race teams worldwide our lightweight, energy dense, intelligent battery solutions are your source for Power. Choose Championship Winning Technology for You, from the Original Independent.


At our core, we are a technology company. In addition to our proven product lines, we also offer engineering services, product development and manufacturing. Our in house engineering, manufacturing and development team in concert with our specialized facility constitutes the next generation of rapid prototype and customizable manufacturing utilizing the latest in material processes.

For customers who are looking for power systems to be specialized in their configuration, as well as their enclosure, our design services will be the ideal fit. Unlike many other companies, our process is vertically integrated. For our customers this means that we will design the electronic architecture and enclosure, see it through the research and development stage, issue a prototype and then put it into production. Right here in our facility. Right here in the USA.

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Electrical Engineering

One of the biggest challenges Speedcell has faced is the lack of commercialized electronic components necessary for our power management and product goals. This led us to the creation of an in house electrical engineering team and facility specializing in the design, testing and prototyping of advanced electronic architecture, microprocessor design and programing. Our capability has created a spinoff skill set that can be commercialized for customer’s needs as well as our own research and development.

Rapid Prototyping

We offer on site Rapid Prototype Engineering in the form of CAD Design, 3D printing, welding and machining services. All design models are built in CAD and then processed using either one, or a combination of our services to deliver a fully functioning part or product. This capability not only allows for a more cost effective design process, it also gives us the advantage of agility when creating one off proof of concepts to limited production runs of specialized components.

Vertical Manufacturing Process

Our number one priority is to deliver the highest quality standard to our customer. To accomplish this we have vertically integrated our processes with very few of our components being out sourced to 3rd party manufacturers. Speedcell also brings a particular combination of years of experience in traditional manufacturing and a unique perspective of first to market products that not only represent a efficiency in our production capabilities but more importantly a forward leaning approach to traditional and non traditional manufacturing processes. Examples of these include but are not limited to, our use of 3D printing / additive manufacturing not only for rapid prototype development but also for use in mass production of our unique products; and in the use of specialized tooling we build in house for our manufacturing needs. This represents a powerful combination for not only us as a manufacture, but more importantly for you as the end user / customer.

GTAW (Tig) and GMAW (Mig) Fabrication and Manufacturing

With our in house fabrication and advanced welding capabilities, our certified team will be able to design and create the solutions to fit the needs of your machine. We specialize in Gas Tungsten and Arc Welding and Gas Metal Arc Welding. This service is in symbiosis with our Rapid Prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining. The knowledge and experience that our team brings will ensure that your project is completed to the highest standard of ingenuity and craftsmanship.

Wiring and Harness Design

The wiring on your machine is often times the most over looked and least understood critical component for transmitting power and signal communication. Most OEM harness design and production is based on a cost benefit model vs. application specific designs and connector / component selection to deliver potent reliability in harsh environments. From basic economical harnesses to high end mil spec harness design and production, our practices and methods follow an aerospace standard. This ensures not only a quality standard but the correct solution for the job. Our capabilities extend from limited production runs to a full OEM fulfillment. Tied into our Electrical Engineering Services this is a powerful combination of unlimited design and system integration, capable of delivering high performance and streamlined solutions to our end user.

Battery and Power System Design

From the beginning Speedcell's genesis was a commercially viable Lithium based SLI (starting, lighting, ignition) battery alternative to conventional SLA batteries. We introduced our Speedcell Generation 1 battery in the fall of 2008 launching the first of its kind and quickly creating an entire market sector in its wake. This innovation continues today with our capability in designing and building not only SLI specific batteries, but advanced electronically controlled battery systems and their perspective BMS (battery management system). Our designs are battery chemistry agnostic and we can engineer a solution pairing the correct chemistry for the job or platform.



Our Company

Speedcell was born out of the genesis of producing the first commercially viable lithium based battery for motorsports applications, launching an entire industry. From this genesis Speedcell has grown into a forward leaning technology company that defies adversity, challenges innovation and pushes the limit of what convention tells us is possible. Speedcell products and tailored services include the manufacturing of power systems for commercial, aerospace and defense applications, design and manufacture of advanced electronics, rapid prototyping and 3D printing. A small company with a global vision Speedcell is committed to keeping our technology, services and jobs 100% made in the USA.

Our Products

Speedcell is committed to being the leader in power systems, chargers and Speedcell genuine accessories by delivering superior and tested designs. Our commitment is to high energy density, safety, efficiency and value to customers around the world. Speedcell products are in service with more factory race teams and have won more championships than any other competing product in the market combined. This pedigree ensures the highest quality, endurance and performance whether your medium is the open road, gnarliest trail or the paddock of the world championship.

Our Services

Speedcell engineering is committed to providing our customers with innovative, capability driven solutions in the form of electronic design, manufacturing, 3D printing and rapid prototyping. These solutions are not limited by platform, services or support. The amalgamation of these specialized services and capabilities ensures the best possible application of technology while affordably meeting our customer’s needs.



The Ultimate proving ground for Speedcell technologies. Our commitment to motorsports is not just about a passion for racing, but the preferred laboratory for the successful development of forward leaning technologies and innovations. Reinforced with a winning pedigree to include 5 AMA and the inaugural Moto America championship, our lineage is proven in the mettle of our success. From the first commercialized lithium based alternative battery to the hybridization of electrochemical and electromechanical systems. These successful innovative technologies are just a few examples of our commitment not only to victory circle but more importantly to the integration of these technologies in production level machines you use every day.

Aerospace & Defense

Mission critical systems are the backbone of success for military and aerospace operations. Providing the latest in innovation in a robust medium for harsh environments is only one component of Speedcell’s aerospace and defense program. With the ever evolving battle space, combined with new and untraditional frontiers, a core commitment to rapidly developing and adopting new and supporting technologies defines our programs second component. From compact and integrated multi chemistry power systems, specialized charging solutions and protocols, intelligent electronics that manage multiple systems with cross platform communication to wire harness products that meet milspec standard construction protocols and components. Speedcell is your aerospace and defense solution.


One of the leading forces of innovation and technology, the automotive industry is a critically important economic sector in terms of revenue. With the ever insatiable demand for performance, efficiency, reliability and clean solutions, technology that supports these demands must not only be innovative but also meet the endurance and economy of scale threshold for OEM automotive integration. With our race proven innovations and winning technologies, our focus is to provide similar technologies that meet these criteria in a footprint suitable for OEM fitment.


As automation & robotics become increasingly pervasive in worldwide agriculture sectors the need for smart and rugged power systems to support these technologies also increases. Resource scarcity, rising labor costs and an ever increasing demand to support global population needs are driving factors. Speedcell recognized these trends early in the form of incremental smart technologies that can be installed post factum on existing legacy machinery and provided solutions in the form of power augmentation and power management. Currently and in the future as these incremental technologies evolve and scale to complete automation, robotics and the use of drones, the requirement for energy dense, rugged and intelligent power solutions will parallel this evolution. Our combined experience in the aerospace, motorsports and industrial sectors ensures our technological readiness to meet these new and exciting frontiers.

We're working on some innovative technology.

SPEEDCELL was born out of the genesis of producing the first commercially viable lithium based battery for motorsports applications, launching an entire industry. We are continuing to develop new products and accessories.

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